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Soflens 38

Soflens 38


Lens Type:
Monthly disposable

Package Details:
6 lenses per box

Material Content:
62% Polymer (polymacon)

Water Content:

Bausch & Lomb, Rochester, NY

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Excellent resistance against deposits With SofLens 38 from Bausch & Lomb, you get clear vision and best possible wearing comfort in a breathable and deposit resistant biweekly contact lens. Through their ultra thin design SofLens 38 provide an optimal oxygen flux to your eyes resulting in an overall comfortable wearing experience. For easy handling the lenses are slightly tinted. This will help you to find your lenses inside the storage case but will not change the colour of your eyes. Together with the inversion indicator insertion of SofLens 38 is a child’s play. SofLens 38 are also known under the name Optima FW which was the former product name. The product itself is identical. Monthly Disposable Contact Lenses: This lens type has a replacement schedule of up to 4 weeks. For many patients, replacing their lenses on a monthly basis will be easier to remember and may help increase patient satisfaction. Wear them during the day and remove them at night after they are cleaned and disinfected with a cleansing solution.

Overall comfortable fortnightly contact lenses

Ultra thin lens design for perfect breathability

Easy handling through visibility tint and inversion indicator

Available in 6-packs High-performance, ultra-thin design Time-tested materials for excellent comfort.



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