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Acuvue 2


Acuvue 2


Lens Type:
Fortnightly disposable

Package Details:
6 lenses per box

Material Content:
42% Polymer (etafilcon A)

Water Content:

Johnson and Johnson Vision Products, Inc. Jacksonville, FL

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Acuvue 2 is the most prescribed soft contact lens in the United States. It is a 2 week daily wear lens which offers exceptional comfort and ease of handling. The High-Tech Contour Intelligent Design used for Acuvue 2 makes this lens so comfortable that you can wear them for longer periods of time. It also lets the lens hold its own shape on your fingertip for easy insertion and removal. On top of the comfort and the easy handling this lens also offers excellent vision correction: 7 out of 10 wearers of Acuvue 2 have better than 20/20 vision by using this lens — and you probably thought that 20/20 is as good as it gets! Fortnightly Contact Lenses or 2-Week-Disposable Contact Lenses: These soft contact lenses are worn for two weeks before they are then discarded and replaced with a new pair. Wear them during the day and remove them at night after they are cleaned and disinfected with a cleansing solution. Fortnightly Contact Lenses combine comfort and affordability.

Fortnightly disposable contact lenses with UV blocking

Excellent vision correction

New design for long lasting comfort

Easy insertion inside-out “123” indicator


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