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A1. Firstly, we’re not cheap. We’re priced low. Secondly, why are you even asking? Just save your money! Ezcontactlens.com benefits from arbitrage, wholesale prices and special deals with manufacturers from all over the world to bring YOU the cheapest contact lenses. I mean, low priced contact lenses. Not to mention the crazy rental price of a retail shop that we don’t have to pay too…

A2. The expiry dates of the contact lenses vary depending on the brand. They usually vary from 1 year to 5 years. They unusually vary from 5 to 10 years.

A3. Your eyeglass prescription only has the “power” part of the contact lens prescription. In addition to the power the proper base curve (BC) and diameter (DIA) are needed to order contact lenses. Contact lenses come in different sizes and must be fitted to your eye by an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist. As a replacement center, we can only sell you contact lenses that you are already wearing successfully. Once you have a proper prescription for contact lenses, simply visit our website at: www.ezcontactlens.com to purchase the lenses and enjoy the savings by treating yourself to a cup of starbucks. For a week or two. Yes, that’s how much you will be able to save.

A4. Ezcontactlens obtains its goods from reliable contact lens companies and manufacturers all over the world. All the contact lens boxes are factory sealed and free of defects. The contact lens box (with the barcode) would serve as proof that the contact lenses are authentic. If we still did not manage to convince you, you could verify with the manufacturer to check whether are they authentic. If the manufacturer STILL does not convince you, please seek a counselor for trust issues that may be bothering you.

A5. A contact lens prescription is made up of specific data which we require to fill your order. All of this information is available on the packaging of the contact lenses you are currently wearing, or from your optometrist or optician. In most countries eyecare professionals are required by law to provide you with a copy upon request. Be sure it contains all the necessary information, including expiry date, and is signed by your eyecare professional.

Here is the information that we need:

Right Eye

Left Eye

Brand name: e.g. Acuvue, Focus, Soflens 66 Torics, etc.
Power/Sphere/Rx: a number between -20 and +20.
Base Curve (BC): a number between 8.0 and 10.0.
Diameter (DIA): a number between 13.0 and 15.0.


For astigmatic patients, we also need:
Cylinder (CYL): a number between -4.00 and +4.00.
Axis: a number between 0° and 180°.
Cylinder and Axis are usually separated by “X” and read as “times”


Here are a few different prescription samples.

A regular prescription would look like this:

Right Eye Brand name: Acuvue
Right Eye BC:8.8 DIA:14.4 SPHERE:-2.50

Left Eye Brand name: Optima FW
Left Eye BC:8.4 DIA:14.0 SPHERE:-2.75


A prescription for astigmatism would look like this:

Right Eye Brand name: Acuvue Toric
Right Eye BC:8.8 DIA:14.4 SPHERE:-2.50
Right Eye CYL & AXIS:-1.25 X 180°


Left Eye Brand name: Focus Toric
Left Eye BC:8.7 DIA:14.0 SPHERE:-4.50
Left Eye CYL & AXIS:-0.75 X 95°


This information may appear complicated but in fact it is very straightforward. Just inspect your current contact lens packaging for reference.  If you’re stil having difficulties, you may either poll the audience or phone a friend. or get help from cs@ezcontactlens.com

A6. Contact lens prescriptions are valid for as long as your doctor or eye care provider prescribes. This can be as long as 2 years and can vary widely depending on the regulations in the state that you live in, as well as your doctor’s recommendations for you. Please speak with your eye care provider to see how long your contact lens prescription is valid. and hopefully they’re been honest about it.

A7. Since contact lenses are prescribed by brand, an easy way to know for sure if you have a contact lens prescription is to look for the actual name of your contact lenses on your prescription (an eyeglasses prescription will not have this information). In addition, a contact lens prescription will usually include the power, base curve, diameter and other specific information for your contact lenses.

A8. It may be possible for you to be fitted for contact lenses that correct your astigmatism. These lenses are referred to as Toric contact lenses. Please consult your doctor or eye care professional to see if you can benefit from this type of corrective lens.

A9. You should only sleep in your contacts or wear them for extended periods of time if your doctor or eyecare professional recommends this. Please consult your doctor before sleeping in your contacts to make sure that it is okay for you to do so.

As for us, we would rather just sleep in our pyjamas.

or birthday suit.

depending on the weather.

A10. When prescribed and worn properly, most people can wear contact lenses for years with little or no problems or difficulties. UNLESS you like to live life on the edge, you should ALWAYS consult your doctor at the first hint of discomfort or redness.

A11.  Our terms and conditions are simple:

  • All customers must have a valid prescription which must be less than 24 months old, or 720 days old, or 17280 hours old..
  • Your order must be for the same contact lenses that you are already successfully wearing.
  • We accept no responsibility for our customers’ lack of suitability to wear contact lenses.
  • It is your responsibility to input your latest prescription. Be responsible. Input safe. and accurately.

Once broken considered sold! If for whatever reason you are unsatisfied for your order, you may ship us back the unopened orders within 28 days from order completion. You may also ask for an extension on your assignment via email within the 28 days.