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How to fix DLL file errors in Windows

A threat actor can insert a malicious download appvisvsubsystems64_dll here .dll file in the path where a legitimate .dll file would be expected to load. That could cause the main application to load the malicious DLL file with the executable. To do this, the hacker must know the .dll files that an executable will call… View more

How to Update Drivers in Windows 10

Click Browse and select the directory where the driver files are located. It is a very good idea to keep Windows and Drivers updated regularly and that is outside of any game performance expectations. Performance for a particular game may or may not be improved as the result of a specific update. Put another way,… View more

Global Print Driver

This dialog box appears when administrative rights are required to perform a task. For details on installation instructions, refer to the . Please provide your email and a detailed description of your request so we can have your account information ready when you connect with the representative. If you have ever having issues with Autopilot… View more

How to record your screen on Windows 11

Here’re different shortcut combinations to crop a screenshot on Windows 11/10 and earlier versions. You can also paste the screenshot directly into most applications including Outlook, Slack, Word, Google Docs, and more. Pressing the Print Screen key on your keyboard will create an image of your desktop and copy it to your clipboard. By pressing… View more

How to Update Drivers on Windows 10

But even if you disable all components but the graphics driver, you will get some extra services and Telemetry installed on the system. No matter which graphics card you have, it won’t be supported forever. Its manufacturer will eventually release a stable driver for it and then stop its driver updating. Right-click on the graphics… View more

How to recover files from corrupted USB drive?

If absolute convenience is needed, you can activate the Auto Driver Update to always get the latest driver update in real-time. Microsoft proactively pushes system updates to fix bugs, patch vulnerabilities, and improve the experience with changes and new features. However, nowadays, updates are known to cause a lot of problems. In the case that… View more